Life License Qualification Program


IFSE is making changes to its Life License Qualification Program to comply with new regulatory requirements.

The changes will take effect on April 28, 2022. 

These updates will only affect you if you have not finished your Life License Qualification Program before the changeover.

Before April 28, 2022


Certification based on successful completion of the applicable online modular certification exams


Unproctored online modular certification exams


No exam fee(s) for non-proctored modular online certification exams

After April 28, 2022


Certification based on successful completion of prerequisite learning activities and a single online certification exam


Single comprehensive / summative proctored online certification exam


Exam fee(s) will apply only to proctored online certification exam (maximum four attempts)


You will not be affected by these changes if you complete the LLQP course, including successfully completing all online certification exams, before the regulatory changes take effect.


If you do not complete the course before the regulatory changes take effect, you will be required to book an online proctored certification exam and pay the exam fee(s).


Course Registration and Certification Exam Process

(effective starting April 28, 2022) 

STEP 1: Student enrols in LLQP

Student registers for the appropriate course offering, depending on the type of license they want to obtain

Student will get access to CISRO (regulatory) study manuals and SeeWhy Learning tools

Step 2: Student successfully completes prerequisite learning activities

Student must achieve a passing grade of 60% or higher in all modules to fulfill the prerequisite requirement

Student will have unlimited attempts to pass each online module

The certification exam unlocks after student successfully completes all modules

Step 3: Student books certification exam and pays fee

Student schedules certification exam through the IFSE website and pays the associated fee

Single exam covers all modules

The certification exam is subject to a fee (amount depends on the duration of the exam)

Please refer to Certification Exam Fees table below for details

Step 4: Student writes online, remote proctored certification exam

Student must achieve a passing grade of 60% or higher (maximum of 4 attempts)

Student completes a check-in process: ID validated, system check, environmental check and student shares screen

After check-in is complete, the proctor opens up the exam

Student will have access to CISRO manuals, calculator, and note pad within the exam platfor

Step 5: Student views exam results

Student views exam results to determine next steps

Student logs into portal on IFSE website to view exam grade

If student achieves 60% or higher passing grade, student proceeds to provincial licensing requirements per standard process

If the student is unsuccessful, the student must re-register and pay the associated fee, as outlined in step 3

Certification Exam Fees

The certification exam is subject to a fee, which is applicable for each attempt. The fee amount depends on the duration of the exam, as outlined in the table below

Offering Number of Exam Questions Duration Cost
LLQP (Canada)
LLQP (Common Law)
LLQP (Civil Code)
100 3 Hours $60
A&S (Canada)
A&S (Common Law)
A&S (Civil Code)
Top up A&S
50 1.5 Hours $30
Ethics and Professional Practice (Common Law)
Ethics and Professional Practice (Civil Code)
20 1 Hour $20